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A blog about cataloguing and dissecting the best music of the 1990s (mostly).

John Frusciante is a writer/performer living in NYC. His writing about music and comedy has appeared on, The Onion News Network,, etc. He can frequently be seen at the UCB Theatre, where he is the Artistic Associate. He has the same name as--but is not the same person as--the guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This Part's The Best! w/Frank Garcia Hejl

On this week’s episode of THIS PART’S THE BEST, we listen to Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins with Frank Garcia Hejl and talk about coming of age in the 90s and trying to find records in a small Texas town.

Ok you know what I’ll throw you one more little bone that’s more in line with the spirit of this blog. Virginia punk/post-core powerhouse Sleepytime Trio reunited recently for some shows in Japan and elsewhere. Here’s a clip of them playing “Rock Candy” this past weekend. Rumors have circulated amongst the kinds of people that start these sorts of rumors that there may be more shows in the US, which I hope is true. If I hear anything confirming these rumors I’ll page you.

In the meantime go buy Memory Minus from wherever you get your music if you don’t already own it. Also listen to Milemarker, Engine Down, Bats and Mice, and Ben Davis’s solo records (The Hushed Patterns of Relief is particularly great).

This Part's The Best!

Hello. I know I haven’t posted to this blog in a very long time. How are you? Oh, that’s good to hear, congratulations. Me? Eh, I’m ok. It’s been an interesting past few months, that’s for sure. No, not really anything worth getting into here but thanks for asking.

Anyway, I have a new podcast that I started about a month ago and so far it’s going really well. I hope you’ll give it a listen. It’s called THIS PART’S THE BEST! and what happens is I invite friends of mine over and we listen to an album they love while talking about it and anything else that comes up. Some fun episodes so far, and more on the way.

Okay thanks, see you when I update this blog again next year.

Jane’s Addiction played “Three Days” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. Listening to this song is a spiritual experience. If you have a car, get in it, play this song and drive around. Preferably at night. If you don’t have a car, get one or borrow one from a friend. This entire side of the album is one of the best album sides of the era but this song in particular is as akin to going to a place of worship. There’s even a bit of a tribal rhythm to the middle of the song, making it feel even more like you’re in the middle of a ceremony.

It’s songs like this one that make life bearable.

Yes I’ve been neglecting this blog again, I’m sorry. But here’s a new vlog I’m doing about music that I hope you’ll watch and share. 

Ride - “Furthest Sense”
Smile, 1990

(Source: Spotify)

3rd Bass

—Portrait Of The Artist As A Hood

Yesterday MC Serch tweeted that there will be a 3rd Bass reunion show in NYC in July, which is very exciting if you are a fan of 90s hip-hop and live in NYC.

Everyone remembers their huge hit “Pop Goes The Weasel” from 1994’s Derelicts of Dialect, here’s another great single off the same album.