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A blog about cataloguing and dissecting the best music of the 1990s (mostly).

John Frusciante is a writer/performer living in NYC. His writing about music and comedy has appeared on, The Onion News Network,, etc. He can frequently be seen at the UCB Theatre, where he is the Artistic Associate. He has the same name as--but is not the same person as--the guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Here’s STP playing “Wicked Garden” on Letterman in 1993, their first major television appearance. Meanwhile I was listening to this album every single day, breaking one cassette and then buying another copy. And then also I was planning what would become a disastrous attempt to dress up as Weiland for Halloween that involved me buying very cheap red hair spray that did not show up at all on my dark brown hair and ran down my face because it rained on that Halloween. Sex with girls was far, far away.

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